I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Highlighter.


Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about this beautyfull highlighter from I Heart Makeup.

When I bought it I thought that the name was Unicorn Fart.. But later I saw that it was Unicorn Heart... I loved the name Unicorn Fart ..
New lets go on to the packaging!
I love this duo chrome silver on the packaging! I think it looks really pretty! Very girly and fun!
 At the text on the box is with the silver duo chrome.
 At the back of the box you can see the design of the highlighter.
The packaging of the highlighter is the same as the box it came in, I really like that it is the same.

And then the beautyfull inside!

I love the patron of the powder so much! The 5 different colors of the rainbow. I can look hours at this highlighter. Now lets see how pigmented the colors are and how al the colors look mixed with each other!

On the left I applied the colors as the are in the box and on the right I have mixed the colors. I like the highlighter mix a lot! I don't think I will use the colors alone from the highlighter.

Here I have used the highlighter on my face as in the box.

 And here are the colors mixed.

I really like the highlighter!
I think a lot of people will love it! I would buy it as a collectors item but also because I love it!

You can buy it from Tambeauty.

I see you soon!

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