Jewelery the Modepolitie


Hello my loves,

Today I wan't to talk about the jewelry that I have got from the Modepolitie.

This is a web shop where you can get jewelry, phone cases, t shirts and other home decor.
I have 4 things from the web shop.

So Let's take a look!

Gold Marble Earrings.
 These earrings are available in 3 different shape circles triangles and squares. I love the look of the marble and the gold together. There is also a matching necklace! I think I am going to order the triangle and square as well. I really like these!

Silver Triangle Earrings
I really like these Silver Triangles as well! I love the look with my piercings. And I can combine small earrings with it as well. (have my earlobes pierced 4 times) These are in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. If you like simple earrings I think you would really like this!

 Here I have the earrings combined. I really like this look!
I love it to combine bigger pieces together.

Classy Watch White
I love the White and gold in the watch! It looks very classy and you can combine it with everything! I love to combine it with the most basic outfits!
This watch is available in Beige, Black and White.

Silver Infinity Ring
 I love small Infinity jewelry for a very long time now. I have some necklaces with it as well. So I had to have this! And I am very happy with it. It is small and simple. I have a ring from my grandma and that is a big ring so I love to combine this with it!
This ring is available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

I really love the pieces that I have from the Modepolitie!
I think I will order more and show you what I have got!

The shipping costs :
In the Netherlands the shipping costs 2,95 euro or 6,95 euro for a big package. And for the rest of Europa the shipping cost 9,95 euro

I see you soon!

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