MUA Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit


 Hello my loves,
Today I want to show you the MUA Strobe & Glow Highlighter kit in the shade Pearl Gold.
This is the very first product that I tried from this brand.
There is a cream and a powder in this compact. I will show you how they look on  the face together and I will swatch then together and separated from each other.

Lets start with the packaging. 
 I love the look of the mirrored light pink/ rosegold on the top! I think it looks very pretty and you want to look at it!

Then when you open the packaging you have a mirror and the first layer is a powder. I love the pattern in the powder! It looks very luxurious!

 And underneed the powder you have a compact of cream. I love the fact that they aren't next to each other so they don't mix in the packaging,

The cream with the powder on top - the powder - the cream.

The cream is nice and pigmented! But it feels very waxy so I don't know how it would hold up for a longer amount of time.
The powder is very matte.. I cant find a little shimmer or something.
Together they look nice bit I miss the shine.

Lets try it on the face!
By the way I am sorry for my shitty eye makeup and my skin. My skin is very bumpy at this moment.
 Here I have my base on but I haven't applied highlighter.

 As you can see in this picture the cream has a nice and glowy effect. I applied the cream on top of my in powdered foundation.

And here I have applied the powder on top of the cream. I don't think that the powder highlights but only sets the cream. It looks very nice but I think that it looks the same when I apply my normal face powder on top of it.

So I think this highlighter is nice when you want to have a settle highlighter, When you like a extreme highlighter I don't think this is the one for you. I love the shade and I think that it also would look very nice on lighter skintones!
But I think that there are a lot of powder highlighters that give the some effect.

You can get this highlighter in the Netherlands at: Kruidvat for €7,49 
You can get this highlighter in the UK at: Superdrug for £4
I see you soon!

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