I Heart Makeup : Chocolate Pallets in Naked Chocolate & Pink Fizz


Hello my loves,
Today I'm going to give my opinion about 2 of the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Pallets.
In this review I gonna give you my opinion about this 2 palettes. I have 5 different pallets from I Heart Makeup and I'm gonna show you the other 3 another time.

At first we gonna talk about the Pink Fizz Palette.

This is the outside of the palette. Al the palette has the same design but have another color. This one is pink as you can see.

At this picture you can see the inside of the palette. It came with a see true paper there the names are on. You have a big range of colors. From warm toned to cool tones.

At this picture you can see that al the pallets came whit a “brush” I always trow that away. I have my own brushes and I don't like a sponge applicator. You have a lot of different finishes in this palette. You have Matt, Satin and shimmery shadows in the palette. In every palette is a Matt and shimmery highlighter.

Al the shadows are pigmented and blend very nice. Some are better than the other. The dark shades are more pigmented than the really light ones. In every palette you have a nice Matt transition color and darker Matt colors for in the crease.

Then the Naked Chocolate Palette.
This is the Naked Chocolate palette. The outside of this pallet is white as you can see. And also has the same design as the Pink Fizz palette.

At this picture you van see the colors and the names of the shades. In this palette is also a lot of different shades. And in this pallet are in my opinion more warm tones than cool tones.

Here you can see al the shades better. There are some Watt, satin and shimmery eye shadows. There are warm tones and cool tones. There are some lighter Matt colors and some darker Matt colors. There are lighter and darker shimmery shadow's. And in this pallet you also have a Matt and a Shimmery highlighter.


Also, al the shadows in this palette have a lot of pigment.(some colors doesn't show up on my skin tone) There are a lot of nice bronze shades. (and I love bronze shades!) There are nice transition colors. So you can nicely build your crease colors!

The look I have created whit the pallets
In this picture van you see how the shadows look at their own.

And here you can see the finished look!

I really like these palettes! The are very pigmented and have a white range of colors and finises!
The price of these pallets are 9,95 euro at Boozyshop. The are 7,99 pounds on Superdrug. I couldn find where the were sold in the US.

For the price this is an amazing palette!

I see you soon!

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