Where have I been?


Hello my loves,

I haven post for almost 3 months....
There was a lot going on. I had a lot to do for school and work. But now I have Summer Break!I have a lot of products I wan't to show you! From eyeshadow to lipstick ans blonzers and highlighters!

Also, I have been a part of the KMS California Benelux Tour! I was a look a like model for the whole tour. In the tour there were 4 shows. In Amsterdam, Heerenveen, Eindhoven and in Antwerpen!

The gave me a bob with an undercut! And the make me blonder then I was.

And yesterday I turned 19 ! I had a very nice day with my friends and family!
Also, I just did my first Sephora order! So there will be mush more to show you!
I see you soon !
Love x.

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