Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam Ariane Grande Lipstick.


 Hello my loves,
Today I'm gonna give my opinion about the Viva Glam Ariane Grande Matt lipstick!

I really waned to have this color because I really like purple dark colors!

At first the packaging.

The packaging is almost like the normal packaging from the Mac lipsticks the only thing is that Ariane her signature is on the packaging.

The packaging from the lipstick itself is also like the normal Mac lipstick packaging the only different is the accents are red and not silver.

Then you take the cap off you again see her signature and the red accents. I think it looks very pretty! I really like the black and red.

The lipstick swatches really nice on my hand! And I love the color so much!

And then on my lips.. I really like the color and how the lipstick feels on my lips but. The lipstick doesn't apply evenly. And then you have it nice and you rub your lips together it starts to go patchy again! So yeah. Maybe when you have a lip liner in the same color under it that it will be nice.

I really like the color but not how the lipstick wears.

The price on the dutch Dutch Mac cosmetics websites is the price 19,50 Euro, In the UK is the price 15,50 pounds and in the US is the price 17 Dollar!

I see you soon,

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