The Freedom Makeup London PRO lipstick Bare Collection


Hello my loves!
Today I'm wanna talk about the Freedom Makeup London PRO lipstick Bare Collection.

Freedom Makeup London is a brand that is from the UK. I never heard from it before so let's see!
At first the packaging.

The packaging isn't really special in my opinion it is small and compact. On the front you can see the lipsticks and on the side to.

Al the names of the colors can you see on the side of the box. A little thing is that the colors look darker than the are in the real.

111 Untouched- 112 Sooner or Later- 113 Whisper- 114 Naked Beauty- 115 Mannequin

Al the colors are nice and glossy but don't have a lot of color but build nice! You can see that the colors very light.

New the swatches on the lips.

At this point I asked my little sister to help me because she us a lot lighter than me. So you can see how the lipsticks look on different skin tones.

111 Untouched

For me is this color way to light! On my it looks like I have concealer on my lips. But on my sister it looks nice! For here it is an every day color.

112 Sooner or later.

This color looks a lot nice on my it is a little darker and has a pinker undertone. On my and my sister the color looks really nice. We both can wear it on an every day base.

113 Whisper

This color is a real pink color o my it looks a little intenser in my opinion. I think this colors looks really nice on a lot of people!

114 Naked Beauty
This is more a color for me ! I really like this color on my sister and on myself. If you are darker than me I don't think you like the color or you have to like really light nudes!

115 Mannequin

This is also a color you like are dislike. I like it but again if you are darker than me I think it is a little to light. But when you are lighter I think it looks beauty full!

You can order the lipsticks on
 Tambeauty for 5 pounds or on Boozyshop for 7,49euro.

I think the lipsticks are really nice if you are fair. It you have the same skin color as me or darker I think you don't like the lipsticks.
But for the price the are really nice.

Thanks to my sister! You can follow her on Instagram.

I see you soon!

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