NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder


Hello my loves,

Today I am going to tel you about the NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powders.

I am very picky about bronzers. For how the look and blend and or are the Matt, shinny are glitters. If there are glitters in the bronzer for me it is a NO GO. I like Matt bronzers or with a little sheen.

I have 2 colors from this line :

602 MetropoliTan

601 ManhaTan

Both of the bronzers have a slight sheen. But that is so minimal that it gives a very nice and natural effect.

They are very pigmented and blend very nicely.

On the left you have 601 ManhaTan and in the right you gave 602 MetropoliTan.

They are also very nice on the eyes! They are perfect to use in the cease when you don't want to use a lot of make-up or if you looking for a warm transition shade.

On this side I  used 601ManhaTan.

 And on this side i have used 602 MetropoliTan.

I love these bronzers a lot! They are so pigmented and they blend so nice!

And the price is 3.99 Euro or 2,99 pound or 4.99 dollars !
I hope to see you back on my blog again !


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