The Seven Deadly Sins of MAKEUP!


Hello my loves!

Today I am going to do the seven deadly sins of makeup tag. I like to do tags so you al can get to know me a little more. I am thinking about to do a tag once a month.

Lets go !The Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup
Greed: What’s your most expensive beauty item?
Wrath: What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?Sloth: What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?Pride: What product gives you the most confidence?Lust: Which item is top of your beauty wish list?Envy: Which makeup product/look is great on others but not on you?

Greed: The most expensive makeup product I have is my Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani pallet The price of this pallet is : 52 Euros or 58 Dollar.

Wrath: About this one.... This is a hard one for me. Because it is about my foundation. It is about the Loreal Eu de Teint foundation. I love the foundation because it is thin but it clings on the dry parts on my face. I love everything about the foundation but not how it clings...

Gluttony: This is also a hard one because I have a lot of blends in my collections but not one who is the biggest. I have MAC, Urban Decay, Essence, Catrice, Loreal, Max-factor, Morphy, Sleek etc.

Sloth: I think at this one it is false eyelashes! I LOVE them but I am to lazy to put them one. I love the look of them with natural makeup and heavy makeup but I never wear them. I neeeeed to do it more!

Pride: WINGED EYELINER! I where my wing for about 3/4 years new. And I love it, I feel pretty and conference. And I feel naked when 
I am not wearing a wing!

Lust: I really want to try some Lorac or Tart eye pallets. But it is hard to get here in The Netherlands. Because the shipping costs are really high! But they are on top of my wish list!!

Envy: I think the black smokey eyes! The look so stunning om a lot of people! When the are made right if you know what I mean. But on my the look very weird! My eyebrows are in my opinion close to my eyes (the are not really high) so it looks like my head isn't right when I wear a black smokey eye. A brown or other colors it is al okay but net black !

Maybe you al like to know that I am one of the #glamourbeautylovers #esteelauderbeaurtlover here in the Netherlands !
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