Loréal Paris, Color Riche, Le Pallette Nude Beige


Hello my loves!

Today I'm going to tell you my opinion about the Loréal Paris, Color Riche, Le Pallette Nude Beige eyeshadow pallet.

At first I am going to show you the swatches!

The really dark Matt shades are very pigmented and some shimmery are as well. But the black and the lighter Matt collars are mot pigmented but you can build them. The shimmer shades are beauty full on the lid and the Matt colors are very easy to blend!

This pallet is very cool/natural toned in my opinion.
Personally I love more warm toned eyeshadow but I like this pallet as well!

You can make some easy makeup looks whit it or a more dramatic look.

I have made 2 eye looks whit this pallets!
PS. I never use the brushes that came whit the pallet I always use my own brushes!

On this look i have uses it to make a simple eye look whit only some mascara on my lashes.

And whit this look I have more of the dark eyeshadow used and I have a winged liner on.
You can make a lot of different eye looks whit this pallet and I enjoy it very mush.

I think that this is a great pallet but maybe it is a little overpriced.
For double the money you have a very pigmented eyeshadow pallet.

But when you are a beginner and looking for a good eyeshadow pallet than is this a good choice.

The price of this pallet is 19,99 euro or 19,00 dollar er 14,99 pound.

I hope you like it !


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