There will be a change.


Hello my loves.

I am blogging for 2 years now. And I stared in English because I thought I would learn it more this way and I could reach more people.

I learned a lot in the last 2 years and my English did get better.

But I had a lot of negative comments about my English.

I have tried my best but I think that it is the best that I will change my blog to a Dutch beautyblog.

I hope that I can post more this way and don't have to feel sad when I dot negative comments about my vocabulary.

I tried to say everything as simple that every could read it but I think I failed in that.

So in a few weeks everything will change to the Dutch language.

So for all my followers and readers that can't read the Dutch language I am so sorry!
BUT! my instagram will stay English so you can follow me on that if you still will read my thoughts on products!

 I hope you will understand and don't hate my for this.

I see you soon.

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