Hello everybody and welcome to my blog.
My blog is all about makeup.
I post reviews about makeup products, makeup tools and I post makeup look with pictures so you can recreate them!
I have a big passion for makeup and I love to share this with other people who love makeup.
Or for people who want to start with makeup.
I review expensive and affordable makeup so there is something for everybody.
I past every Wednesday and Sunday.
And I want to start to post three times a week.

But because I have school and my internship I don't know when that will start.
I love to read what you wan't to see on my blog because I want you to enjoy the posts.

I started my blog in January  2016 and I started to post two times a week in July 2016.
I am planning to make Youtube video's as well and I am practicing on it so there is a nice quality on video's when I start.

I hope that you enjoy my blog!